About Me

Hi and thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m Thomas and I grew up in a small industrial town in Switzerland. My father worked in banking and like many fathers hoped that I would follow in his footsteps. However, I had my own ideas.

I was the kind of child who was always taking things apart and putting them back together again. By the time I finished high school it was clear that I was destined for a career in engineering. I also loved planes so I decided to specialize in the aeronautical engineering

After a few years working abroad, I was ready to return to Switzerland. I missed many things about my home country. Especially the mountains. Whenever I had a chance to take a holiday I would head straight for the mountains to enjoy some skiing and other winter sport with my friends. After a long day on the slopes, there was nothing better than relaxing in the evening with a good Cuban cigar. I often brought the cigars along as I still traveled a great deal with my work. Among my group of friends, I was regarded as the one who knew about cigars.

I soon realized that there were many people out there who enjoyed cigars just as much as I did. I decided that it would be great to connect with them via the internet. So, I started to write pieces for some of these websites. After a while, I deciding to start up my own blog so that I could focus on the aspects of cigar smoking that interested me most. I have found that I really enjoy sharing my experience and passion for cigars with readers from all over the world.

So I hope you enjoy it and will come back again soon.

Bye, and thanks again for reading.