Larger cigars are on demands

Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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Recently, the Best Cigar Prices has announced its new released a new article talking about the large cigars and its demand all around the globe. The article has discussed about the customers demand for  ring gauge cigars of larger size. There was a time when thicker cigars used to show the elegance. Many people often refer this cigar as the novelty smoke. Nowadays, this special brand of cigar has again become popular amongst some cigar collectors. Ring gauge is referred as the width of a cigar, and its measurement is about 64th of an inch. A cigar with this special ring gauge over 50 does consider to be thicker from usual types. However, it is not rare to see a cigar with a ring gauge more than 60 or even higher. Most of the boutique and popular cigar manufacturing companies have been producing some big ring gauge cigars for keeping up the demand of their potential and existing buyers.

Dianna Scolaro, the director of marketing in Best Cigar Prices has said that, there is still doubt whether these larger cigar brands will stay or will be there for short period of time. This is yet to be confirmed as it depends on the market conditions and buyers interest. She has also mentioned that, many general cigar brands are now larger than usual sizes on an average than it was few years back.

There some factors those are responsible for gaining popularities of larger cigars with ring gauge:

1. Complex flavor: Larger cigars with a massive ring gauge do have more fuller and complex flavor than usual ones. The reason behind this complex flavor is the availability of room for blending various types of tobaccos at a time.

2. Weight and feel: Some smokers always like to have heavier weight cigars as they have got a special feel of smoking larger cigars. Besides, a large cigar often reflects the status or power of a person.

3. Cooler burn: Thick size cigars burn much slower than usual cigars whose are much thinner in size. Therefore, it causes the burn to feel much cooler while smoking. That is the reason of having more filler that have exposed to the air.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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