Montecristo Cigar History and Review

Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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If you are a cigar lover, then you must have tasted the Montecristo. These cigars are one of the well known and branded cigars in Havana, and its account for almost 50% of all Havana’s cigars of each year export. In case you like Cuban Cigars, but still have not been smoked the Montecristo cigars, then it will be like not watching any movie by John Wayne but still a western movie lover.

Montecristo Cigars – History of this famous cigar brand

The story of Montecristo cigars is pretty interesting. Actually, the history is quite appealing for new comers who want to achieve their goals no matter what will be coming through in the path of success. During the period of 1930s, two young guns came in the business of cigar, Pepe Garcia and Alonzo Menendez. They came in, and purchased a failing, devastated, old cigar factory, H. Upmann. This company started producing their own brand of cigar in Cuba with a modified brand name  by adding tha name of H. Upmann with Montecristo Selection Cigars.

There is another story behind the brand name. At the time, the cigar was just started before the radio had invented, the owners of cigar factory would prefer hiring lectors whose work was to read or entertain cigar rollers at the time of rolling cigars. Cigar rolling was extremely tedious work; therefore, rollers used to get bored so easily. These lectors would read some interesting articles from newspapers, or pieces from story books to keep cigar rollers out of boredom. One of the few famous stories amongst cigar rollers was named as “The Count of Monte Cristo”. It was no wonder that, poor Edmund Dante’s story of revenge on those persons who did wrong to him had created mass appeal.

However, at the time of selling of their new cigar brands, Garcia and Menendez had named them as the Monte Cristo. Within a short time frame, their cigars had been considered as handful of the best cigars in all over the world. Even though, there was lot to do with the tobacco quality, and the whole arrangement of cigar brands. Besides, there was lot to do with their innovative marketing policies which had made them successful cigar manufacturers in the world of Cigar industry.

Montecristo cigars have been imported by John Hunter firm who is the only importer in Britain. He has restructured the bulky name with a simple name and logo. This new logo is used now.  Those changes have been initiated with extensive marketing which has eventually helped Montecristo to become hugely popular around the globe. It is obvious that, they did understand the value of proper marketing. It is impossible to create a brand name around the world if it can’t be promoted in an innovative manner. That’s the thing Montecristo Cigar company has implicated greatly. Therefore, their success is visible to everyone.

The Tobacco

Montecristo have something different in their tobacco leaves. They are full flavored, rich in taste, and pretty much distinctive. Montecristo has come up with six different sizes, and none of them have been made with machine or devices. These six sizes have been offering with several types of variations along with some special selections. There is also another brand of cigar with the same name and it has been produced by the Dominican. However, there is no relation with the Cuban Montecristo to Dominican Montecristo cigar brand. Cuban Montecristo created a standard through which other Cuban cigars are usually being judged.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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