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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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The cigar of Partagas is a popular and well known brands in the world of cigar. This cigar brand is also amongst the list of oldest brands of Cuban cigar. It was started in 1845 through Don Jamie Partagas in Havana. More than 167 years of excellent contribution, this company is still maintain its usual tradition of manufacturing branded cigars from its oldest place in Cuba which is recognized as Partagas tobacco.

From the commencement, this brand has all the time used some of the best quality of tobacco leaves from the zone of Abajo in Cuba. Due to its unique blending style, Partagas has been extremely popular amongst cigar collectors for its specified selection of tobacco leaf from this region. This is why, the brand is so distinctive than others, and it is full of taste which makes even more desirable for cigar connoisseurs.

Partagas cigars have been a member of the best and top selling league of brands from all Cuban cigars. This brand of cigar has been offered with different sizes and shapes. A number of the famous cigars from this brand are Culebras, Habanero, Serie D (No. 4), Partagas de luxe, and the cigar named  8-9-8 which is named for its arrangement in the box.

However, Partagas cigars from a non-Cuban  brand are available as this brand of cigars have also been manufactured by the Dominican Republic. This brand of cigars have got establishment when the cigar industry in Cuba has been nationalized after the president Fidel Castro had taken all brands in Cuba during the early period of 1960s. The possessor of Partagas brand has ran away from Cuba and wanted to make a re-establishment for this brand in USA. This is known to be only official Partagas which is allowed to be sold in the USA for trading restriction with Cuba.

Sizes of Cuban Cigar from Partagas

The Partagas Cuban Cigar brand does have 18 cigars as its standard production. Among these 18 sizes cigars, there are some limited editions, some have come with special and anniversary editions whose have not been listed.

Historical review of Partagás Cigars

Don Jamie Partagas was known to be one of the most powerful persons in the Cigar industry in Cuba during the period of 1900s. As an ambitious and wise businessman he was very dedicated with this cigar industry during the early eighteenth century. He started to manufacture cigars from a small store in Havana in the late 1820s. He also took up the idea of parcels and also the plantations in the major tobacco growing areas in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba. He created a new cigar brand during 1845, named the brand after his own  name, and made establishment the factory. This factory is still one of the biggest cigar producers in Cuba.

He had maintained a pretty high standard as the brand of Partagas cigar, which had run pretty successfully under his ownership. He managed to own some of the most wonderful tobacco producing fields in Vuelta Abajo of Cuba; therefore, he had the chance of selecting from the best qualities of tobacco leaves to manufacture his cigars.

It has also though that, Don J. Partagas was very innovative person who had come up with different, but fruitful ideas on how he would go for the advertisement and promoting his cigar brands. He had tried some different ways of farming, blending, curing, aging and fermenting tobaccos. He was the first person who had hired the lector first for reading and entertaining his cigar roller workers during the working period. After some years, his brand had turned into one of the popular cigar producing companies around the world.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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