Smoking Guide on Cuban Cigars

Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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The Cuban Cigars need some skills to get started with. Here is a guide for the amateur smokers who wants to get the perfect feel of smoking Cuban:


Once you have chosen your desired brand of cigar, you will have to cut the end portion. All Havanas have got double caps over the head end, and this part of cigar will be in your mouth. If you don’t follow the way of usual methods, you will come to see that, it will unravel after reaching the half way, and may have an exploded stick like appearance. There are various methods of cutting the end cap of a cigar that ranges from using portable guillotine cutters to using of thumb-nail, table-top cutters, some exotic cigar cutters, and from cheap to expensive cigar cutters. You have to remember that, the cut should be a clean one and it has to be within the level. Otherwise, there will be some sort of difficulties while drawing off your cigar, and there will be every possibility of damaging wrapper. However, you need to cut the cigar in such a way that, an eight inch cap of cigar will be removed from the cigar wrapper. It is not recommended piercing the cap through using a pin as the smoke may not be able to passage properly, thus overheat the cigar, and ultimately, it will offer an unpleasant flavor. This flavor will initiate from the point of piercing on the cap end. However, cap hole punching machines work pretty good if the diameter of the punch is minimum a quarter of an inch. Here, wedge shaped cutters have not been recommended as these devices have the tendency cutting down all portion of the band of other side which in turn unravel the cigar wrapper. Whatever you prefer to use, make sure that, the device is sharp enough to cut the cap down smoothly and evenly.

Lighting Up

When you will light a cigar, it is always better using butane light which is not filled with gasoline or a match. You can also use a candle, but this will tend to taint the actual flavor of the cigar, and ultimately obstruct the passage of smoke due to the availability of flame particles. You should avoid matches that contain high concentration of sulphur or contact of wax. You should take enough time and proper care for lighting the cigar.

First, you have to hold the cigar horizontally with the flame to make a direct contact, and slowly you have to revolve the cigar until the end portion gets evenly charred through the entire surface. After that, you have to put the cigar on your lips holding the flame from the end part of cigar not more than half an inch away, and you have to draw very slowly while rotating it. This end will then ignite, but you have to burn evenly. You need to blow on the burning portion of cigar to make sure that, the cigar is fully lit.

Unlike cigarette, cigar usually goes out if it is left unattended. If the cigar goes out, you don’t need to panic. Just remove the ash if there is any while previous lit end through tapping the cigar. Then, you have to blow the cigar for clearing away any sort of stale smoke. Re-light the cigar as previous discussed. As long as your cigar has not been out for way too long, the flavor will remain same. The flavor may become faded if the cigar has been re-lightening for several times or the cigar has got cooled down for some reasons. Re-lighting will eventually taste unpleasant and tainted for the condensation of the remaining part of the cigar.

Cigars have always been made with long filler tobacco leaves which indicate that, the ash will not fall apart if the leaves are of good quality. So, this in fact a kind of quality check that will let you know how to get top quality cigars or not.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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