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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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Cuban Cigars are the perfect treat for anyone with a deep passion for quality tobacco and the art of rolling the cigars by hand. The variety of flavors, shapes and sizes of Habana make them really appealing to the people. Here are a few brief reviews on the  popular cigar brands from Cuba, in case you want to try your taste of Cuban cigar:

Double Coronas

One of the classic editions of Cuban cigars has to be Hoyo De MonterreyHoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas, and Cabinet of 50. Among all of the famous cigar types, double coronas will be remembered for long time. The double corona has to be the shining example of artisan’s labor and aesthetic beauty. This cigar signifies rich, complex and nice of blend of aroma and tobacco’s taste. The smoke of this double corona will definite you make you feel seduced and will take you to a journey of authentic taste.


This cigar is quite known to Romeo y Julieta and Havanophile’s Churchill, and it has won the heart of many cigar lovers through its powerful taste and richness, especially the incisive third which has made a great reputation. This cigar is quite demanding for many experienced smokers those who look for a great smoke with a reasonable price.

Montecristo Eagle

This cigar was first introduced officially at the Montecristo Golf Cup. The Montecristo Eagle has been added for the new line up. Fresh, woody, and easy to smoke inside or outside, the Eagle is truly an authentic brand of cigar who will love to spend in your company at summer.

Montecristo Master

The Montecristo Master has offered with a classic Robusto for the first time. Robusto is one of the integral parts of Montecristo brand. This special cigar suits pretty well for the newcomers those have joined the world of Habanos. It is a cigar which can be appreciated during the day as it offers light flavor. It’s a treat for all authentic cigar lovers.

H. Upmann No. 2

Woody, spicy, and with a glimpse of roasted peanut have made H. Upmann No.2 an excellent treat for any type of special occasion. With a medium body, this cigar has got enough touch of youth through its flavors. It can be managed by smokers of different levels. This cigar will be a treat after taking lunch or as a afternoon smoke.

Bolivar Royal Coronas

Bolivar Royal offers a wonderful Robusto which has been extremely loyal with its name, taste and aroma. Woody, earthy, and spicy flavors Coronas can be enjoyed best while having dinner or drink. This special cigar will definite create a mass appeal for those smokers whose are searching for something different than usual brands of cigars.

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (box of 10)

Romeo y Julieta presents short Churchills that offers a delicious aroma and beautiful progression which will guarantee you a very flavored and smooth smoke. This Romeo y Julieta is a trustable companion with whom you can spend some delightful time. It is regarded as the shorter form of infamous Churchill, and this is also a Robusto in character.

Cohiba Exquisitos

Cohiba Exquisitos has been referred as one of the best Cohiba’s cigars. Robust flavors, and full of ripe, the Cohiba Exquisitos is a treat for all cigar lovers. This cigar is quite light feeling smoke. It has to be in the category of quick burning Habanas which lasts for 20 minutes; therefore, this cigar has been targeted for occasional smokers.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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