Why is Cuban Cigar so popular?

Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013
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With the introduction of cigarettes the smoking of cigar was outdated a few years back. But now the cigars are gaining back their lost popularity. There are record sales reported by the numerous cigar companies. And as expected the Cuban cigar manufacturer industry rules everyone else in terms of cigar sales and popularity.

When you are probably wondering why this resurgence happened in the popularity trend of the cigars, the answers can be many. One of the major factors working as a major catalyst behind this growth is the introduction of a cigar special magazine named Cigar Aficionado. This high quality magazine is published by Marvin Shanken that is also regarded as one of the best Wine Speculator publisher. They are one of the few organizations working seamlessly towards the popularization and the status building of cigar smoking.

Through the activities of this magazine, a whole new generation of cigar smoker has been developed and took part in creating cigar friendly environment, attending cigar special events, joining cigar clubs and doing many other stuffs to enhance the status of cigar smoking. Since cigar is not any more associated with showing off or any vulgar attitude and has been shown a distinct relationship with the entertainment industry, people seemed to develop a special bond with cigars. Many celebrities have been seen consuming cigars and opening up cigar bars or clubs that made their fans and followers to grow a passion for cigar too. These events have resulted in a record amount of cigar consumption.

However, if e put aside the statistics, what has actually made cigars so appealing to the mass? One of the most important facts is that the hand rolled cigars are far better in taste than the machine made cigarettes. They are compared with wines in fact. Just like any wine lover would love to enjoy the taste of a old and matured wine slowly and savor the taste, a passionate cigar lover will also deal with a cigar in that way. And just like wines, the flavors, taste and quality of the cigars vary widely across the brands. While some cigar might taste sweet, mellow and creamy, some might have wild, spicy or even peppery smell and taste. There is simply no comparison of the idea of a slow cigar smoking after a filling meal for a cigar lover. A glass of cognac or port can be a wonderful companion to that.

The complete ritual of cigar smoking has created a special aura among people who love to socialize. Many people even start to converse with others about their brands of choice in cigars and cars. This is why there had been a tremendous growth in the cigar bars across the country. Cigar is not anymore a mere home consumption luxury, rather has become a part of the elite social etiquette and a part of everyday life like wine for the people wishing to live a premium quality life.

With all these factors working together in favor of cigar, people have still got that previous bias for Cuban cigars as the tobacco in that region is supposed to be the best one can find in the world. Besides, the past popularity of Cuban cigars and the extensive experiences of Cuba cigar manufacturers in making cigars have made the cigars from Cuba so desirable for any tobacco lover in the world.

The most popular cigars of 2012 are: Cohiba Siglo VI ranked # 1, Cohiba Robustos ranked # 2, Montecristo No 2 ranked # 3,Cohiba Esplendidos ranked # 4 and the most demanded Cohiba Behike 56 ranked # 5.

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Thomas Weiss December 27, 2013

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