El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo
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El Rey del Mundo Overview

El Rey del Mundo or "King of the World" cigars are perfect for those wanting a milder Cuban cigar experience. Demonstrating the more elegant side of the Pinar del Rio region's Vuelta Abajo tobaccos, El Rey del Mundo cigars dial back the strength to allow the tobacco's deeply textured flavors to take center stage. 

The brand's origins trace back to 1848, yet it was not until 1882 that cigars under the El Rey del Mundo name appeared. Soon after the name change, the cigars' popularity rose, as they eventually were amongst the most highly praised cigars in the world. Today, cigar aficionados revere El Rey del Mundo for providing a smooth, balanced and satisfying smoke ideally suited for any time or place.

El Rey del Mundo Cigar Style

El Rey del Mundo cigars offer a rich taste with a silky-smooth character, delighting the senses with coffee, pepper, nut, wood, and honey flavors. Sweet floral notes find their way first to the nose and then to the palate. A velvety chocolate core is the heart of it all, making the cigars great for pairing with coffee and desserts.

El Rey del Mundo Products

The El Rey del Mundo line-up is renowned for smaller connoisseur favorites, yet the larger 5" x 48 Choix Supreme reigns as the top pick. This Corona Extra-size cigar offers an ideal expression of the El Rey del Mundo's mellower side while delivering a flavorful and deliciously satisfying smoke.

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