El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo
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El Rey Del Mundo brand started to produce some of the most appreciated Cuban cigars since 1848. The first Habanos were known as “The King of the World” and were manufactured in Antonio Allones factories, where Cubans were produced with thirty years before. The success that El Rey Del Mundo cigars had in time assured this brands continuity until nowadays, when this is one of the most popular and well sold Cubans in the world. The main vitolas this brand produces are: Marvelas, Coronas, Corona Gordas and Hermosos. A very dark color of the wrapper characterizes almost all of the Habanos that were designed under the name of El Rey Del Mundo. Although they started as stronger Cubans, in time, especially after 1900, the brand produced lighter cigars as the tastes of the smokers change and wanted milder flavors instead of high intensity. The original cigars are currently manufactured in Honduras by Villazon & Co with the use of some of the most high quality tobacco leaves. Their quality, as well as the preserving of the legend of El Rey Del Mundo, makes these cigars be some of the most expensive Cubans at present times. El Rey Del Mundo Cuban cigars use the best Ecuadorian and Connecticut Oscuro leaves that create a natural wrapper, perfect for their impeccable burning construction. The filler pleasantly surprises the smokers palates with rich flavors mixed in the most amazing ways. Its easy to understand where comes the success of El Rey Del Mundo brand when thinking about its concern for quality.