Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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Juan Lopez Overview

Juan Lopez cigars are made for the cigar lover who appreciates the finer qualities extended tobacco aging brings to a good smoke. While Juan Lopez might not be the most familiar brand, it is a dependable source of richly textured and deeply satisfying smokes for connoisseurs worldwide.

The Juan Lopez brand began in the 1870s and was known as Flor de Juan Lopez for a time. As their reputation grew over the years, Juan Lopez cigars became highly prized for their complexity and quality construction. Nevertheless, the production of these cigars remains small, catering to a dedicated fanbase of Cuban cigar lovers. 

Juan Lopez Cigar Style

Juan Lopez shares the distinction of being made "totalmente a mano," or totally by hand, with Cuba's most prestigious cigars. Aged tobaccos from Vuelta Abajo in the Pinar del Rio region provide the cigars with the complexity and sophistication that has made Juan Lopez a favorite amongst discerning aficionados and collectors to further age cigars.

Juan Lopez Products

Due to the rare quality of the tobacco and precise aging process, Juan Lopez cigars can often be difficult to find. Yet their engaging, fully developed expressions are worth the time and effort to locate. The Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 is a beautifully crafted example of the intricately woven flavors inherent in the medium-plus Vuelta Abajo tobaccos. The 4.9" x 50 cigar offers a dreamy mixture of wood, cocoa, earth, and coffee notes supported by sweet and creamy undertones.

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