Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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  1. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 (Sample 3)
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The Juan Lopez brand started off in the year 1876, when the Spanish Juan Lopez Diaz, also known as the Official Supplier of the Royal House opened a cigar factory in Havana. A few years later it turned into Flor de Juan Lopez only to come back to the old name, which was shorter. After Juan Lopez death, in the 1900s, the factory was taken over by a private cigar company, Cosme del Peso y Cia, that successfully owned it until the time of the revolution. The essential features of this brands cigars are the flavors, which always come in spicy and woody tones, you always know what t expect from that, without taking away the intensity of the tobacco taste. These are traditional Cuban cigars, there are no surprises here. They come in all formats and sizes and they are generally medium to full bodied, recommended to smokers who prefer medium strength cigars. The sticks are very nice, and good looking, their wrapping is very well done, giving the sticks a very alluring appearance. Yet another remarkable thing about the Juan Lopez brand is the fact that it really is one the last trademarks to still exclusively produce hand- made cigars. The Epicure and the Seleccion series are maybe the best known and the most appreciated of all the cigars produced under this name. And, what is more important, the great quality offered by the brand comes at very good, affordable prices.