Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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Vegas Robaina Overview

Vegas Robaina is not as famous worldwide as other Cuban brands, such as Cohiba or Romeo y Julieta, yet cigar connoisseurs cherish it with a deep appreciation for the legacy of Cuba's tobacco farmers. Distinct flavors and complexity are the hallmarks of these voluptuous smokes, making for a rare rite of passage for any discerning cigar aficionado exploring the world's best Cuban cigars.

The Vegas Robaina brand was unveiled in 1997 as a tribute to Don Alejandro Robaina, one of Cuba's greatest tobacco growers and global ambassadors. He specialized in wrapper leaves, which graced many of Cuba's most famous cigars. Unfortunately, Don Alejandro Robaina passed in 2010, with his grandson Hiroshi Robaina picking up the mantle as caretaker for Cuba's finest Vuelta Abajo tobaccos. However, Don Alejandro and his family's legacy live on with the Vegas Robaina line of cigars.

Vegas Robaina Cigar Style

Vegas Robaina cigars are medium-to-full-bodied cigars filled with lip-smacking natural tobacco flavors punctuated by leather, earth, pepper, spice, cocoa, dried fruit, coffee, and wood notes. The cigars are lively and rich yet not excessively so, making for an approachable experience for the most adventurous of casual smokers. The quality and sophistication of the tobaccos make Vegas Robaina cigars must-haves for connoisseurs and the optimal choice for any special occasion. 

Vegas Robaina Products

While not as expansive as other Cuban brands, the Vegas Robaina portfolio features modern classics that rank amongst the best cigars in production today. First and foremost is the Vegas Robaina Unicos, a 6 1/8" x 52 Figurado that delivers the definitive Vegas Robaina character. 

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