Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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Vegas Robaina brand was released in 1997 in Spain and is characterized by a special aroma and a great presentation. Vegas Robaina cigars are produced in the H. Upmann factory and include five vitolas, Cervantes, Prominentes, Coronas, Hermosos and Piramides. For all of these Cuban cigars formats Vuelta Abajo leaves are used and the best tobacco is covered by the perfect wrapper. With a medium to strong flavor, Vegas Robaina cigars make the perfect choice for does that love medium length and intense aromas. Alejandro Robaina is the one that gave the name of the brand as he is a famous tobacco grower in Vuelta Abajo, having all the required knowledge to get the maximum effects from tobacco leaves. Although many characterized Vegas Robaina cigars as having mostly a traditional mark, the truth is that the brand succeeds in realizing a perfect mixture of traditional and modern sensations. Even the most experienced palate will consider these cigars unique and new and will love them from the first draw to the last smoke. Also, your other senses will enjoy the dark wrapper and the perfectly natural rolling that allows a perfect burn. Excellent is the best word to describe the amazing selection of Cuban cigars that is produced by Vegas Robaina that combines an old Cuban taste with exotic tobacco flavors.