Hoyo de Monterey

Hoyo de Monterey
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The brand has been registered in 1867 by Jose Gener, a Spanish tobacco entrepreneur who knew that this business was going to be a very successful one. He was an insightful man, which got him to become very popular in no time and expanding his business. The name of the trademark means the valley of Monterrey, a fertile land in the region Vuelta Abajo, and the tobacco for the cigars came from his plantations in Vuelta Abajo and Pinar del Rio. Hoyo de Monterrey was the most appreciated vitolas producer in the years 1930. Nowadays Hoyo de Monterrey represent the new generation of Cuban cigars, rather than an exponent of the classic ones, being more adapted to the demands of contemporary aficionados. This doesnt mean that that quality and the strictness with which these cigars are manufactured have changed from the beginning. Hoyos are the ideal choice for smokers who want to feel the great quality Cuban cigars combined with select and mild flavors. Hoyos are produced in different dimensions, even though the most appreciated cigars are the larger ones, with a very varied, yet well balanced palette of flavors and aromas, and of different degrees of strength, in order to meet the needs and preferences of all the smokers. The Le Hoyo series and the Epicure are amongst the most popular and the most beloved of the cigars. The most renowned one is the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona. The production of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand is covered in seven different factories throughout the country.