Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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Ramon Allones Cuban cigars brand comes from Spain and was founded by the Allones brothers back in 1845, which includes these Habanos into the classic old category of cigars. However, the brand succeeded to constantly adapt to smokers tastes and are now produced in the well known Partagás factory. Perhaps this is the reason why many think that Ramon Allones cigars are similar to Paratags Habanos. However, the existent similarities between the two when it comes to the dimensions and the packaging are overweighed by the noticeable differences related to the fillers and the tastes. Ramon Allones cigars are pretty hard to be confused with other brands due to the unique selection of the tobacco and the blend of flavors that these hand rolled cigars provide smokers with. Although some years ago you could find many vitolas when it comes to Ramon Allones brand, nowadays, the formats are reduced, some of the vitolas that still exist being Gigantes or Small Club Coronas. The reduced production of Ramon Allones cigars, combined with their limited editions, such as Ramon Allones Eminecia, are probably strategies for maintaining the high quality of these Habanos. These facts result in the highest appreciation that comes not only from usual smokers but even from the most exigent smokers.