Fonseca Overview

Fonseca cigars have enjoyed universal fame since the brand emerged at the start of the 20th Century. They are revered today by cigar smokers everywhere as some of Cuba's most enjoyable and most approachable creations. Fonseca cigars deliver a smooth, tasty, and delightfully unassuming Cuban cigar escape.

Don Francisco E Fonseca conceived of Fonseca cigars in 1892, yet the brand would not be fully established until 1907. The Fonseca brand grew in stature through the years, becoming a popular choice for aficionados in Europe and North America. Today's Fonseca cigars offer the same refined, easy-going character and great value that made the brand so famous.

Fonseca Cigar Style

The Fonseca cigar experience falls lightly on the palate while holding interest with waves of cedar, earth, nut, and herbal notes. The pleasing profile includes hints of honey, cocoa, sweet cream, and floral nuances. This mellower personality and great taste make Fonseca cigars the perfect choice for those new to cigars or exploring alternatives to more robust Cuban cigars.

Fonseca Products

The Fonseca line is filled with crowd pleasers, each offering smoothness, satisfying taste, and tremendous value. Fonseca Delicias are popular options, with their convenient 4.8" x 40 Petit Corona size and lightly composed body. The 6.3" x 43 Fonseca No. 1 is another classic. As with other Fonseca cigars, these feature Fonseca's famous tissue paper wrapping, which protects the cigars and adds a touch of class.

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