Jose Piedra

Jose Piedra


Jose L. Piedra Overview

While often overshadowed by more famous Cuban brands, Jose L. Piedra cigars offer superbly satisfying, full-flavored Cuban cigar smoking experiences at a great value. Rich and vibrant, Jose L. Piedra cigars are great options for a wide spectrum of cigar lovers, from the occasional enthusiast to the experienced connoisseur.

The brand was created by Jose Lamadrid Piedra when he and his family moved from Asturias, Spain, to Cuba in the 1880s. The Piedra family settled near Santa Clara in the heart of the Remedios region, one of Cuba's oldest tobacco-growing areas. Here the climate and soil are well suited for growing the boldly textured tobaccos that find their way into every Jose L. Piedra cigar.

Jose L. Piedra Cigar Style

Jose L. Piedra cigars are made Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Corta or totally by hand using short filler. This method combines with the savory tobaccos of Remedios to offer cigars of bold taste and complexity. Jose L. Piedra cigars range from medium to full-bodied, with flavor profiles often including earth, pepper, leather, cocoa, wood, and sweet cream.

Jose L. Piedra Products

The Jose L. Piedra line-up includes cigars ideal for those searching for a quality everyday Cuban cigar. The Jose L. Piedra Nacionales is a popular 5.3" x 42 cigar that is smooth, spicy, and sweet. The 6" x 42 Cazadores is another fan favorite that delivers a rich, leathery smoke touched with dabs of chocolate, coffee, and spice notes.

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