Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez
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The authentic taste of Rafael Gonzalez comes directly from the tobaccos country, Cuba and their history refers to two different types of Cuban cigars. “La Flor de Marquez”, dating since 1936 and “La Flor de Rafael Gonzalez”, dating since 1946 merged in 1954, when “Flor de Rafael Gonzalez Marquez” brand began to be marketed, nowadays a brand known as Rafael Gonzalez. One of the achievements that make Rafael Gonzalez very popular is the fact that this brand was the one to introduce the Lonsdale dimension of Habanos. Rafael Gonzalez cigars are manufactured in Romeo y Julieta factory and uses Vuelta Abajo grown leaves. The reputation of this brand increased in time as it produced excellent hand made cigars that attracted more and more smokers. The fillers used for these Cuban cigars represent the most delightful mixtures between Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican tobaccos. As a consequence, discovering Rafael Gonzalez cigars means discovering many variations of flavors that create lighter cigars as well as medium cigars. Spicy flavors, as well as nutty aromas and sweet tastes are commonly experienced when enjoying these Cuban cigars. Besides Lonsdale, Rafael Gonzalez also offers many other formats so you will be able to make the choice that fits your tastes perfectly. It is surely one of the most interesting brands that come with special flavors directly from Cuba.