Ramon Allones Gigantes

Ramon Allones
Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones Gigantes

Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones Gigantes

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Ring Gauge 49
Length 194 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Double Corona
Availability: In stock
Special Price 71.00 USD Regular Price 84.00 USD

Ramon Allones Gigantes Overview

Since 1845 Ramon Allones cigars have greeted cigar lovers with beautifully refined and complex smokes. Yet the brand is continuously overshadowed by Cuba’s more publicized brands. However, the Ramon Allones Gigantes is just too big and tasty to be ignored. This 7.6” x 49 cigar uses top-grade Vuelta Abajo tobaccos to deliver an epic smoke.

Smoking a Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigar 

Wrapped in a chocolate brown leathery wrapper, the Ramon Allones Gigantes is an elegantly composed, medium-bodied smoke with a broad range of flavors, including prominent pepper, nut, coffee, wood, and baking spice notes. Sweet cream and ginger hints also emerge, adding to the cigar’s vast complexity.

Ramon Allones Gigantes Experience

From an easy-going start to a richly rewarding finale, the Ramon Allones Gigantes is a legendary Cuban cigar that deserves your attention. A top cigar choice for those searching for a highly sophisticated Double Corona-sized smoke or those wanting a change of pace from other Cuban brands.