FinestCigars Habanos Wholesale Program

Wholesale Plan

Take a look at our wholesale program and benefit from the huge discount that we offer to wholesale program partners. With just a minimum amount of orders totaling to 10,000 US dollars and with no worrying with regards to the minimum number of "vitola" which is the measurement unit of cigars, you are already set to become one of our wholesale program partners.


We will process your orders when we receive your payment using bank wire transfer which is the most reasonable method of payment for this wholesale program. You only need to include shipping fees based on the weight and dimensions of your package orders with real costs referred at the existing rates of the postal service.  You need not worry regarding the authenticity of our products since we have already established long-running partnerships with other wholesale program entities. We have formed this because of the trust involved in doing business with each other. Part of this trust includes our company providing a tracking number for the package orders delivered using Priority Airmail shipping method. In this way, you can monitor and track your products and be assured of a prompt delivery of tobacco products.


Our team in the Wholesale and Retail department has the extensive knowledge in accommodating all the wholesale needs of each wholesale program partner. Years of having fully-satisfied customers have made our team successful mainly due to the best prices, authentic products, and notwithstanding our customer service that is personalized to the full satisfaction of everyone.